Green Phase Scheduling


The way that FLOW works can be demonstrated by the above simulation. The approach or run-up from the West is too busy and too dense: it has no acting readouts. The North run-up is out of view from the intersection, but can still do scheduling. There is a period where the traffic count has been determined to be too dense and the North run-up system shuts off the readouts. This is denoted by blinking exclamation point by the sensor/detector (question mark). The readouts come back on line as soon as the traffic thins out enough, as denoted by the pattern between the two yellow vehicle data points. Vehicles in this zone are successfully brought through signal while green and don't have to stop. The assignment principal can be somewhat visualized by incoming reference from the South run-up by observing marked data references at the beginning and end of the FLOW (fast lane on warning) pattern. They are given assignments of different speeds so that they all get through while signal is in green phase.

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